Book your 2020 Olympics hotels! Native Japanese teaches you how to find good price


I would like to book hotels for Tokyo Olympics.
May I know the price range of accommodations in Japan?

I, native Japanese and living in Tokyo area, will give you exact answer for you.

As a conclusion, I recommend to use Japanese travel sites for your booking.

Check if the hotel prices are right

I found that some of English travel sites offer too high prices for hotels near Tokyo area during Tokyo 2020 games!

If you are trying to book a hotel during the Tokyo Olympics, you may be using your favorite English version travel sites for your search?

And you may not know the average price of the accommodations in Japan.

I am sure that you are shouting “It is too expensive, isn’t it? How much is their average price for Japanese accommodations?”

For example, I search in Expedia, one of U.S. base world wide travel site, to find my accommodation near Saitama stadium.

Book your 2020 Olympics hotels Expedia example


I found one hotel which has one vacancy and that Expedia says “$6,414=697,000 Japanese yen“?!

The average rate of this hotel (Urawa Washington Hotel) is 14,000-22,000 Japanese yen/person.

So that you need to know that the price during Olympic months varies much.

Use Japanese travel sites in Japanese

One of my suggestion to find good price accommodations during Olympic games is to use Japanese base travel sites in Japanese.

For example, Jalan(じゃらん), one of the biggest Japanese base travel site suggests 20,727 yen /person for staying on same date (July 31st) and in same hotel (Urawa Washington Hotel).

20,727 yen /person is not bad, right?

Book your 2020 Olympics hotels Jalan example

Use google translate to book your hotel in Tokyo

Jalan(じゃらん) has its English version site but to use this tips do not go to the English version.

You will find the message that Jaran does not accept dates during Olympics yet.

2020 Olympics hotels , Do not use its English version sites

After you accessed Jalan top page you should just use Google translate or other web site translation service to know what the Japanese site says.


Book your 2020 Olympics hotels Jalan example2

The google translate is enough to know what the site says. I can say its translation is correct.

You may search your favorite hotels/accommodations from maps or by keywords.

2020 Olympics hotels , Do not use its English version sites2

Jalan needs its member registration to complete reservation same as other travel booking sites.

Just translate them by Google into English and complete your registration and booking.

In conclusion

I introduced how you can find good price hotels/accommodations in Japan during Tokyo 2020.

I hope you will enjoy your trip to Tokyo and other areas in Japan.

Here is the list of Japanese travel booking site that I used for explanation in this article.