To whom failed to get Japan Olympics tickets [8K live broadcast of the games will be available]

japan olympics tickets

I failed to get Japan Olympics tickets.
But, I want to see the games in Japan!
How I can get a chance to see the games there?

This article introduces some Japanese news about how the Tokyo 2020 venue construction is going.

This article is the translation of July presidential regular press conference and Four Promises to Viewers( Japanese).

President’s of NHK stated 8K live broadcast of Olympic Games

NHK chairman Ryoichi Ueda(上田良一) announced the broadcast plan for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, including 8K live broadcast of the Olympic Games, at the regular meeting of the chairman in July 2019.

About correspondence to the Olympics , In NHK chairman regular news conference

July 4th, 2019 Information will be summarized from the press conference materials (Japanese) released by NHK Public Relations Bureau.

As President NHK Chairman Ryoichi Ueda stated, NHK is preparing with the goal of providing “the highest level of broadcasting and service” to viewers.

We have summarized what we want to convey to viewers in Tokyo 2020 into “four promises”.

Through the realization of these “four promises”, NHK hopes to show the form of broadcasts and services as public media in anticipation of the year 2020 and beyond.

What is the “four promises”?

Let’s look at the news release material (Japanese) released the same day.

From four promises to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic audience

NHK’s “four promises to viewers” regarding the broadcast and service of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are as follows.

1. Experience the excitement of the stadium

Broadcast time is expected to be the largest ever in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games across Japan.

Among them, the 8K broadcast will be conducted at the largest scale ever, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in opening and closing ceremonies and high-profile competitions. It is the first time in the history of the tournament to broadcast the competition live at 8K in the Paralympic Games.

2. Deliver critical moments anytime and anywhere

In addition to television broadcasts, digital expansion to complement it broadcasts anytime, anywhere without missing a crucial moment.

With the introduction of innovative technologies such as real-world robot robots and automatic subtitles, we will prepare to make more people enjoy broadcasting and services.

3. Connect Japan Together, Japan Connects to the World

We will broadcast live images about the Olympic torch relay, which will be held from March 26 next year, and the Paralympic torch relay, which will be fired around the country in August next year. These are realized by utilizing the NHK regional broadcaster network.

4. Contribute to the realization of a symbiotic society.

NHK also supports the realization of a symbiosis society, which the Paralympic Games advocates as a philosophy, through broadcasting and services.

A wide range of attractive para athletes gathered from around the world.

In addition, we provide “universal broadcasting service” that everyone with disabilities, foreigners visiting Japan who do not understand Japanese, etc. can enjoy together.

Positioned as “NHK Paralympic Broadcasting Reporters” for those who convey the attractiveness of para competitions and para athletes.

Three reporters are planned to be active: Yuki Goto, Erina Chiba, and Daishin Mikami, who NHK called for people with disabilities.

In conclusion

Ryoichi Ueda, chairman of NHK, concludes like following.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics is not only a sporting event, but a great opportunity to revolutionize Japanese society.

“With the highest level of broadcasting and service, and providing an unprecedented viewing experience, we at NHK will make it fit for the“ public media ”of a new era. We hope to continue to be a useful media for the development of Japanese society after the Games.